Intelligent Connectivity for Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges including massive data flow from new sensor technology, new analysis techniques and complex drilling processes. Coupled with rapidly changing requirements and government regulations, the industry needs technical solutions that are cost effective, labor effective and minimally disruptive.

Connext® is the only standards-based solution that meets the industry’s stringent safety, security and performance requirements, enabling contractors and operators to build cohesive integration platforms that revolutionize how data is distributed and shared.

Smart Machine Connectivity Framework

Connext, based on the DDS standard, provides the largest software connectivity framework for cost reduction and system interoperability. It streamlines real-time data sharing throughout the production cycle and improves field safety and productivity through automated monitoring and process control of remote operations, freeing workers for redeployment to higher-value tasks and opening new revenue streams. Developers can now focus on software solutions, regardless of architecture or operating system.

From drilling rigs to Subsea ROVs to Remote Operating Centers, Connext dynamically connects systems delivering microsecond latency for information exchange, improving safety through certification and fine-grained security.


Learn how Connext connects and secures distributed real-time systems across the Oil and Gas industry.

Rig Automation Platforms

Connext is the only connectivity framework that connects all components of a drilling rig to work as one, integrated solution by sharing real-time data reliably and securely.

Autonomous Robots on the Drill Floor

Autonomous robots on the drill floor are transforming oil and gas exploration, replacing dangerous manual operations with a new interconnected system of advanced robotics and software. The robotic systems operate on real-time information to perform tasks in an autonomous, safe, repeatable and highly precise manner.

Subsea Semi-Autonomous ROVs

RTI Connext is enabling autonomous operations which will save additional money on operations, and enable missions to be observed and tasked remotely

Oil & Gas Customers

RTI is a trusted partner to leading Oil and Gas companies throughout the world, who leverage Connext to gain a competitive edge in exploration and extraction.