Connext Drive®: Trusted Software for Tomorrow's Vehicles

CES has quickly become the largest automotive technology event. While CES 2021 will be all-digital, we can expect the same inside peek into the future of mobility and how companies are navigating the Automotive industry's technology disruption.

Autonomous Vehicles will certainly bring monumental change to the Automotive industry, but there is another trend happening behind the scenes that is arguably even more disruptive – the rise of electric vehicles and a software-defined architecture. Electric vehicles are setting new standards for transportation, not simply because they are replacing the gas engine, but because they are primarily defined, and differentiated, by their software. But what makes them so different? How are they able to support faster innovation? Why is this approach better than the traditional hardware-centric approach? The answer lies in data centricity.

RTI is working with the most innovative automotive companies around the world – including Audi, Baidu Apollo, Xpeng Motors and more – who are building the autonomous and electric vehicles of the future. RTI Connext Drive® is the automotive-grade connectivity solution for autonomous vehicles, from development to production. Built on the open Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) standard, RTI's data-centric connectivity software is already proven in over 200 autonomous vehicle programs. Connext Drive provides real-time data connectivity, while reducing in-vehicle wiring and delivering standards-enforced reliability, redundancy and security.

Come and meet with us January 11-14 at CES 2021 to learn how Connext Drive enables autonomous and electric vehicles. Visit our virtual booth to see what a data-centric software approach means for the future and those who embrace it.

Register now for the post-CES February 9th webinar, Software is Paving the Way for the Future of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles.

Post-CES Webinar: Software is Paving the Way for the Future of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

  February 9, 2021 at 11:00am ET

Data-centric connectivity software has emerged as a differentiator for EV companies as they face unique development and production challenges. Join us and learn how a data-centric connectivity software approach supports rapid innovation and what it means for today's automotive industry and the future of mobility.

RTI in Automotive


RTI Connext Drive

Connext Drive gives autonomous vehicle manufacturers the flexibility to take control of their systems and minimize risk, from prototype through to production. It is the only technology that is able to bridge the full spectrum of automotive ecosystems, including AUTOSAR Classic, AUTOSAR Adaptive and ROS2.

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See RTI Connext Drive live in action

Watch this short video for a live demonstration of Connext Drive – seamlessly integrating technologies from NVIDIA, Infineon, Elektrobit, UnrealEngine (CARLA) and MathWorks – in a drivable vehicle simulation. The demo features automotive-grade hardware running AUTOSAR Classic applications and a high-performance NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier kit using neural networks to assist and automate driving.

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RTI Webinar Series: What Everyone Wants to Know About Building Tomorrow’s Autonomous Vehicles

Get a glimpse behind the curtain at the market vision driving autonomous vehicle development. Understand the importance and challenges of supporting rapid development, future use cases and massive data flows. Take a technical deep-dive into requirements and the implications of moving from one level of autonomy to the next.

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The Overarching Challenge for Autonomous Vehicles: Designing for a Future of Unknowns

Uncover the three major design challenges facing architects, engineering managers and system developers responsible for the design of highly autonomous vehicles. This recent whitepaper on designing for a future of unknowns explains why automotive companies choose RTI technology for their software-centric architectures.

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