The game of data connectivity is changing. In the world of interconnected smart systems, the nature of data exchange between components is much more dynamic; performance and systems scalability expectations are much higher; and possible security breaches have a much more devastating effect. The new connectivity has to meet the most demanding of distributed systems requirements for interoperability, performance, and security.

Your team may already have established security mechanisms and processes in place, but are they compatible with the new connectivity requirements? Does your current system security meet the demands of today’s world? What are the trade-offs between performance and security? If you are pondering any of these questions, this interactive webcast is for you. Imagine your systems protecting themselves from cyber threats in real time -- without external servers or message brokers!

Why you should attend:

  • Learn about the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Security standard
  • Learn how this industry standard specification can meet your security needs
  • Explore RTI’s Connext DDS Secure, the first commercial, DoD-tested implementation of this standard
  • Learn why mission-critical, real-time systems rely on Connext DDS for flexible secure connectivity without sacrificing performance
  • Discover how to develop scalable, interoperable distributed systems that you can easily evolve and maintain over long product life cycles

Topics to be covered in this seminar: 

  • Applicability of the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard in addressing the security requirements of modern distributed systems
  • Step-by-step guidance on implementing a secure peer-to-peer connectivity model
  • Considerations when upgrading from Connext DDS Professional to Connext DDS Secure
  • Leveraging RTI’s tool suite to develop and debug DDS Secure applications

Who should attend:

  • System/cybersecurity architects or software engineers interested in DDS Secure fundamentals to determine application suitability
  • Current Connext DDS Professional users,
  • Anyone interested in exploring secure data-centric open architecture alternatives to traditional point-to-point connectivity frameworks and transport-level security

Aired on:

Thursday May 21, 2020 


Dave Seltz, Regional Field Applications Engineer Manager, RTI
Reinier Torenbeek, Systems Architect, RTI