Originally presented on December 17, 2015.

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The Industrial IoT will connect devices together and to the cloud. These smart, distributed machines will transform today's unconnected infrastructure into intelligent distributed systems, driving disruptive change through almost every industry.

Hospitals are a perfect microcosm of the IoT. Connected patient care systems will transform today's plethora of often unconnected medical devices into intelligent, distributed systems. These smart ecosystems are expected to become an invaluable tool for the care team, optimizing results, preventing mistakes, and relieving overburdened staff ... and improving patient care and outcomes.

GE Healthcare is leveraging the GE Digital Predix architecture to connect medical devices, cloud-based analytics, and mobile and wearable instruments. The future communication fabric of its monitoring technology is based on RTI's data-centric Connext DDS platform.

This webinar, presented jointly by GE Healthcare's Chief Engineer for Life Care Solutions and RTI's CEO, will review the IoT's critical quality metrics, security, and connectivity requirements. It will outline the opportunity this technology brings for caregivers and patients alike and explain why the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard provides the scalability and integration that large IoT systems need across industries.

Matt Grubis, Chief Engineer, GE Healthcare's Life Care Solutions
Stan Schneider, CEO, RTI