Originally presented on February 23, 2016.

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An autonomous car is a highly complex, distributed, dynamic system. It must coordinate many component software modules continuously, make real-time local decisions based on system-wide constraints, and approximate global state. Builders of vehicle autonomy thus face a daunting challenge. To get a competitive edge, intelligent vehicle manufacturers must meet demanding distributed systems requirements, including safety, resilience, security, scalability, fault tolerance, and fast data processing. These capabilities are far beyond those provided by older connection technologies such as CANbus.

Come learn how to leverage the most widely adopted, open, industry-leading standard for real-time and embedded systems: the Data Distribution Service (DDS). DDS provides a proven foundation for highly resilient and responsive distributed control systems. Its real-time performance, high reliability, open architecture, and publish/subscribe decoupling greatly accelerate and simplify distributed system development and makes it highly applicable for autonomous cars. DDS is the only technology that can deliver microsecond latency, IEC 26262 safety certification, top security, and operational proof in billion-dollar product lines.

Speaker: Dr. Stan Schneider, CEO, RTI