Aired June 12, 2019 

GE Healthcare and RTI partner webinar.

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Today’s medical devices are smart, but they often do not work together. In the connected hospital of the future, devices will share real-time data securely and reliably. They will combine with AI and advanced Clinical Decision Support (CDS) to improve patient outcomes, reduce errors and lower costs. They will help doctors and nurses ensure 24x7 quality monitoring, detect unexpected conditions and deliver critical care on time. Technology is joining the care team.

Of course, it’s not that easy. These systems must be convenient to use, compliant with regulations, secure and robust. It is one thing to do analytics, it is another thing to provide that data reliably.

In this webinar, leaders of the world’s largest healthcare company and the world’s largest IoT connectivity company will discuss a new way to connect medical systems. It is about the patient and the patients’ data, not the boxes owning that data. But that has to be done in a robust and scalable manner. That means you cannot have a big central box.

Systems are defined by the data they share. GEHC and RTI will discuss how the industry can unleash the magic of data centricity in support of patient centricity so that everything can work together as one system. Hospitals with smart devices and algorithms connected through easy, reliable, secure data sharing will usher in the smart healthcare era.


Stan Schneider, CEO, RTI
Oliver Astley, CTO, GE Healthcare