Aired May 7, 2020

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Autonomy will profoundly reshape the automotive competitive landscape. For decades, traditional OEMs competed on driver experience, engine performance, styling and cost. In a world with no drivers, no engines and no car ownership, none of these factors matter. Worse, rather than lowering costs, formal “tier 1-2-3” supply chains struggle to coordinate software interfaces, slowing development. The new competitive basis is clear: the best software wins. How can OEMs, EV manufacturers, and AV technology companies win?

Robocars that do everything drivers can do are still years or even decades away. We’ve made immense progress in many environments. But the real world has so many “corner cases” that truly autonomous operation remains well out of reach.

RTI has the benefit of experience with more than 200 autonomous vehicles and over 1500 intelligent distributed systems of all types. This session will look at our view of the top trends and challenges facing the Automotive industry. We will especially look at the importance of building a software architecture that can compete today and yet evolve with the exploding technology of tomorrow.


Stan Schneider, CEO, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)