Originally presented at the 10x Conference, October 12, 2018

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RTI's connected healthcare expert David Niewolny will take you on a journey starting with the current state of the IIoT in healthcare and highlighting the gaps that exist.

He will paint a futuristic picture of healthcare that fully embraces and utilizes the full capability of the IIoT, including edge computing. Then will describe the challenges of developing such a system and discuss the benefits of using an open, data-centric connectivity architecture to create an interoperable foundation for development.

Viewers will uncover the key takeaways:

    • Analyze the wide range of healthcare data-connectivity requirements.
    • Compare and contrast the most common connectivity architectures in healthcare.
    • Identify the best system level architecture for the transportation and analysis of unprecedented amounts of data securely, reliably, and in real time.
    • Explain the benefits of plug-and-play interoperability within a healthcare environment.


David Niewolny, Director Healthcare Market,  RTI