Aired April 24, 2019 

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Autonomous vehicles and advanced robotics systems are some of the most complex applications ever conceived. And, they hold the promise of profoundly changing daily life... From humanoids to drones to autonomous vehicles, these unmanned machines require real-time human-level decision-making capabilities with superhuman protections for safety and security. How do developers build systems of this complexity?

This webinar reveals the surprising ease of creating an advanced robotics / autonomous vehicle development system. Attendees will learn how to avoid the typical ‘scrap-it-and-start-over’ approach by using standards-based technology to configure their development and simulation environments. This approach leverages existing technologies that use a data-centricity approach – the same technology used in a majority of autonomous vehicle designs.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to easily configure a top-notch environment for robotic and autonomous vehicle development, Vehicle Simulator(CARLA), ROS2 Robotics Simulator(Gazebo) and 3D visualizer(RViz), manual and automatic controls, data recording and playback, etc.
  • How to create a production-class design using a high-performance, DDS standard-based databus.
  • Easy ways to develop applications in a data-centric environment, which eliminates the need to learn and translate different sets of commands and protocols for every component.
  • How to upgrade and extend systems using DDS.


Neil Puthuff, Technical Marketing Engineer, RTI