The Rise of the Robot Overlords: Clarifying the Industrial IoT - Part 7

Aired February 27, 2019

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Historians will look back at our time and wonder how we got by without smart things. Medicine is expensive, slow and error-prone. We still burn things for power and, in turn, damage the planet. Large systems, from process plants to defense, are far too expensive to develop. And transportation is manual, slow and dangerous. What a waste! Who needs traffic and accidents and pollution? Things can be so much better. So why don’t we do something about it?

Someone, or rather, something, is: The robot overlords. The robot overlords aren’t evil or controlling. They are just the next step in technology that has improved our lives since the invention of fire. That next step is to connect smarts to things. The trick is to do it reliably enough, fast enough and cheaply enough to run our most critical industries and protect our most precious assets. That is the legacy of the Industrial IoT. We have never before had the power to improve our world as dramatically as we do today.

In the final session of this series, we’ll review the potential of smart machines to improve medicine, the power grid, manufacturing, process control and transportation. We’ll review the critical technologies, especially connectivity, that enable this future. RTI, as the largest IIoT connectivity company and the most influential small company in many consortia and standards, has a front-row seat. In this webinar, we’ll also give you our unique perspective on how you can best enter the new Age of the Robot Overlords.

Stan Schneider, CEO  RTI