Hyperloop promises to revolutionize modern transportation through its ability to move people and freight conveniently, autonomously and at a rapid speed. Hyperloop vehicles have the potential to travel at speeds even greater than the speed of sound through depressurized tubes.

The speed and complexity of hyperloop systems necessitate the ability to collect, distribute, and analyze large volumes of real-time data to satisfy requirements for high-fidelity real-time control and safety. RTI delivers with a high-level connectivity framework that brings robust data distribution capabilities that can accommodate the real-time performance, throughput, autonomy, security and safety requirements needed to run Hyperloop. Based on the military-grade DDS connectivity standard, Connext DDS offers highly secure, highly-scalable data distribution across systems and subsystems supplied by multiple vendors.

Built for rigorous Industrial IoT environments, RTI Connext DDS provides Hyperloop system architects and developers with the standards-based platform they need to easily integrate distributed software applications. It provides communication within and between control system levels through a layered databus approach:

  • Cloud (Customer applications, ticket booking, tracking, scheduling, customer services)
  • Fog (Operation center control, car/pod tracking, safety and passenger monitoring and car/pod/cargo tracking)
  • Edge/Fog (Autonomous vehicle control; safety domain, control, sensor fusion)