Watch On-Demand: How to Architect Microgrids for the Industrial Internet of Things  

Learn how the IIC Microgrid Testbed for Communication and Control implements edge processing and machine-to-machine communication. Join experts from National Instruments (NI) and Real-Time Innovations (RTI) as they discuss the keys to microgrid adoption.

Modernizing the grid is critical to building an integrated Industrial Internet of Things. The challenges in the power grid require responsive, distributed communication and control at the edge of the grid that are inherently scalable, reliable and secure. Further, most grids have a unique set of requirements making a "one-size-fits-all" solution impractical. The Industrial Internet provides technologies that streamline the development and deployment of a new, smart power grid. 

To deliver Industrial Internet systems in the field, recommendations in three key areas should be considered:

  • Component-level interoperability
  • Scalable control
  • Real-time data security

The work that companies like Cisco, NI, and RTI are doing with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) microgrid testbed is transforming grid infrastructure. The promise of enabling large-scale efficient use of green energy is HUGE. 

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