Are you developing next generation, real-time systems? In the world of interconnected smart devices, the nature of data exchange between components is much more dynamic and the traditional broker or server-based transport mechanisms can’t keep up. Designing connected systems across disparate environments is highly complex, but this is where DDS excels. The Data Distribution Service (DDS) specification outlines an open architecture, data-centric software solution that addresses the edge intelligence and real-time performance needs of distributed systems. Examples include autonomous land, air and sea vehicles, medical, industrial & military robotics, patient monitoring systems, air traffic control systems, etc.

If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, this webcast is for you:

  • Are there severe consequences if my system goes down for a short time?
  • Are milli or microseconds important in my communications?
  • Do I have dataflow complexity/scalability challenges?

Why you should attend:

  • Discover what the DDS Standard is and how this specification addresses edge intelligence and real-time performance challenges of distributed systems
  • Explore how RTI’s implementation, the Connext DDS ecosystem, enables teams to build highly complex and scalable systems efficiently
  • Why companies like NASA, Boeing, Raytheon, and GE Healthcare choose RTI for their mission critical programs
  • Experience case studies and live demonstrations illustrating concepts

Topics to be covered in this seminar: 

  • Technical overview of Connext DDS
  • Configuring DDS to meet your specific application requirements
  • How Connext DDS can be used in a layered architecture connecting devices from edge to cloud
  • Leveraging RTI’s tool suite to develop and debug DDS applications 

Who should attend:

  • System architects or software engineers interested in DDS fundamentals to determine application suitability
  • Anyone interested in exploring data-centric, open architecture alternatives to traditional point-to-point connectivity frameworks

Aired on:

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Dave Seltz, Regional Field Applications Engineer Manager, RTI