Originally presented on October 25th, 2018

How to Connect and Secure Medical Robotics to Improve Patient Outcomes

From diagnostics to the operating room to rehabilitation, medical robotics help surgeons perform delicate, complex procedures with accuracy, flexibility and reliability. When medical robotics are used, patients recover faster with less pain and fewer complications. However, medical robotic applications, such as surgical robotics systems, rehabilitation robotics systems, pharmacy robotics systems, and laboratory robotic systems are extremely complex. Behind this complexity lies an architecture comprised of multiple components that must work together seamlessly. Additionally, the system must analyze and act on terabytes of accurate, real-time data with zero fault tolerance. 

This webinar will present a recommended data-centric architecture for medical robotics systems. Attendees will learn how to use off-the-shelf technology to lower costs, shorten development time and meet the needs of a fast-growing, yet rapidly changing market. 

If you are an R&D executive, an embedded engineer, a program manager or consultant that works in the medical robotics space, join this webinar to learn about the benefits of using a data-centric approach to connected healthcare for medical robotics.