Virtual ConnextCon 2020: Leveraging DDS in the Age of Autonomy

Entirely virtual. Entirely essential. RTI ConnextCon 2020 is the world’s largest gathering of power DDS users. As always however, this event will also serve as a great overview of the Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) standard for both current DDS users and non-DDS users alike. In all cases, if you’re an engineer or developer engaged in architecting distributed systems, this two-day event is for you. 









We have a lot to look forward to as we enter the age of autonomy, because we’re now in an age where smart machines are becoming reality. In the next 10 years, cars will safely drive themselves, energy systems will better utilize legacy devices and renewables, and new levels of intelligence will be added to hospital equipment. In this new age, intelligent computing will take a step out of the cloud to guide and improve the fundamental infrastructure of the planet. 

What role does DDS play in the age of autonomy? A central one. ConnextCon 2020 will feature detailed sessions on the ways that a software connectivity framework built on DDS can help engineers and developers achieve the ultimate goal: data-centric, autonomous systems that can explore all the capabilities of tomorrow’s smart machines. To make things truly run better.

And for RTI Connext DDS users, ConnextCon will feature hands-on how-to sessions that will make you and your team even more productive with Connext DDS, including a preview of our upcoming product and tools releases.

ConnextCon will give you insights on:

  • Building a future-proof architecture for your autonomous or semi-autonomous system
  • Minimizing data security risks and system inefficiencies
  • Gaining expertise with the latest RTI Connext DDS release and tools
  • Accelerating the development process for new applications
  • Establishing a safety certification path to advance your offerings from prototype to production

At ConnextCon, you’ve come to the right place. ConnextCon 2020 unites users, developers and industry partners to learn the latest in technical information and share developer experiences in distributed, real-world systems. In addition to an insider's look at RTI Connext DDS, the conference will feature hands-on workshops, keynotes by industry experts, customer implementations of DDS and interactive demos. 

Throughout the conference, we invite you to take a break and visit the virtual trade show area to meet with RTI engineers, product managers and business partners.

Together, we can use new intelligence to make great progress in efficiency, safety, health, and the environment. This is our chance. How? By leveraging DDS in the age of autonomy.

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*Due to confidentiality requirements, select ConnextCon presentations are closed to the media.

Please contact for more information.

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Featured Speakers

Stuart Kozlick

Strategic Advisor, Executive-In-Residence

Dr. Stan Schneider


Dr. Gerardo Pardo-Castellote


Fernando Crespo

Principal Software Architect

Erin McManus

Principal Software Engineer

Chip Downing

Senior Market Development Director, Aerospace & Defense

Mark Swick

Systems Architect

Juanjo Martin

Services Director

Bob Leigh

Senior Market Development Director, Autonomous Systems

Pedro Lopez Estepa

Senior Product Manager

Ken Brophy

Principal Software Engineer & Tools Lead


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