Where Is My Data?

A few weeks ago I ordered something from Amazon.com. Something that I needed soon-ish. I am a loyal Amazon customer and Amazon Prime member, and I've never experienced a problem with timely delivery of my order. Unfortunately, my experience with this order was different. It was a mess.

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The Attack of the DDS C++ APIs

If you are currently developing Connext DDS applications in C++, you have a single API option: Use a "traditional" DDS API that is derived from the DDS interface definition defined in the OMG IDL language.

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Free as in freedom or free beer? ... how about: gratis to use, build and research!

When I was in college (Was it that long ago?), I was able to download free (or super inexpensive) software suites. I once bought MATLAB and LabVIEW - with the signal processing and communications toolbox! - for less than $150. These were not only valuable as education tools, but also, once I became proficient, as skills on my resume and then as skills in programs I worked on. Being able to use a robust software package proved to be invaluable. Being able to use one that enables communication between disparate heterogeneous systems and applications could be a game changer once you enter the workforce or are faced with large-scale system and data challenges.

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Community: A Major RTI Initiative

RTI launched a major community initiative this year. Our goal? To enable dynamic and powerful community collaboration. Founded on the best ecosystem in the real-time middleware industry, the RTI Community will ease communication and sharing between our customers, employees, and partners.

Many resources are already live on community.rti.com! The forum is energized, with many of our engineers in active conversations, offering solutions and advice to customer queries. And you won't want to miss the new offerings:

  • New and expanded knowledge base
  • Best-practices guide
  • Glossary of domain terms
  • Examples library
  • File exchange
  • Searchable documents and media
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