Speed Your Time to Market with Connext Pro Tools

It was two weeks until the demo.

We had this single opportunity to build a working microgrid control system that needed to:

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Rapid Data Transformations Are Moments Away!

When I started college, everybody was talking about “Information Technology.” At that point I had been programming for quite a while and it wasn’t clear to me what coding had to do with that fancy terminology. After a few more years of coding, I realized the connection: all I do, day in and day out, is move bytes (information) from one memory location to another. Copying the contents of a struct into the socket buffer and sending it out; getting the bytes from the socket buffer and deserializing them into a structure to pass them to the application logic. Well, that’s part of what communication middleware does for you!

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Features and Enhancements and Support - Oh My!

As engineers we all know that product releases are no joke. The making of a great product is fueled by hard work, and lots of it. It takes teams of people working together to make something bigger and better than any one of them could do alone. The results generated by all of that hard work can be downright inspiring and impressive. But do you know what my favorite part of the release is? It's the feeling when we ship it to the public. When all of the ducks are in order. Every person in the company, irrespective of their group, has contributed something necessary to getting the product to that point. Seeing it all come together? That's my favorite part. I love it.

Did I mention that RTI Connext DDS 5.1.0 was released 2 weeks ago? It was!

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Build a Multi-Location Temperature-Monitoring System using Connext DDS & RTI Prototyper with Lua

Some employes in the northwest corner were feeling colder than the engineers on the south side of the building. The engineers, of course, thought it was simply because they were hotter than anybody else, but they took up the challenge to discover whether there was really a problem. In fact, we attempted to use our own RTI Connext DDS and a bunch of other technologies to prove how easy it is to integrate different systems together.

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Dynamically Scriptable Distributed Components in Lua using DDS

At the RTI Labs we are excited about the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have been working on a new component model that makes it really easy to construct sophisticated distributed systems without needing to compile or generate a single line of code. Furthermore, the code can be changed on the fly, without having to restart components. The global state of a component is preserved between executions while its code can change, thus allowing for component behavior to change dynamically. The wiring of the components is specified in a separate configuration file. A container loads the configuration file, binds the communication resources to the logical I/O ports on the component, and runs the component code.

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