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Introducing Case + Code Solutions

December 2, 2013 by

I am excited that we have released and announced Case + Code, a new set of solutions to help developers to build distributed systems using RTI Connext DDS. Each Case + Code solution consists of three parts:

  • Description of a real-world distributed system use case
  • Explanation of essential design, code and configuration
  • Working code example

In each of the examples, we've distilled the key points of how to model your data, how to configure your applications and best practices for how to write your code.

We've started out with three Case + Code solutions:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Real-time LAN data over a WAN
  • Distributed video data

Whether you are monitoring aircraft for an air traffic control system or want real-time updates of emergency vehicle locations, the Vehicle Tracking Case + Code solution will help you get started.

If you have a real-time distributed system, such as a robot or a ship, and you want to share a subset of that real-time data with a remote location, the Real-Time WAN Data over a LAN Case + Code solution will help you build those applications more quickly.

If you need to stream video data from a security system, medical devices or UAVs this Distributed Video Data Case + Code solution provides a fast, straightforward option.

We will be adding more Case + Code solutions over time, to make it easier for you to build your distributed systems. Please join our community to ask questions and give us feedback!

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